Laridian (laridian) wrote,

Had a much better afternoon

I don't know, maybe even the pseudo-rest I got while trying to nap was enough. Or maybe the caffeine soda. ;) Anyway, had a good afternoon with the kids. First fingerpainting, although they like to use brushes rather than dirty their hands, and then into the tub for everyone to get the paint off themselves (and out of M's hair). Then some decaf iced tea for everyone, because this is a special treat for them, and then we went outside to pick flowers and lemons. M kept repeating "strong!" while moving all the plants around. I pruned the dead branches off the... um... I don't remember what it is, but I hope it flowers this year. It has strange somethings on the leaves, though. I should get a pic and post it so one of y'all might identify what this stuff is and if it's dangerous to the plant.

Then played in the sand and picked weedflowers all over the place. Then ran on the sidewalk for a long way before turning around and walking home. Cut and squeezed the lemons. Very disappointed in that lemon tree; huge lemons, thick rind, loads of seeds, not much juice. 1/2 cup of juice (after straining) from 3 lemons ranging from orange to grapefruit size. >:/ The other lemon tree is better. I no longer remember which is the Ponderosa and which is the Meyerss (sic).

Now they're watching PBS for a few minutes while I see about dinner (and typing in LJ of course). I was going to say "I'll take a whack at fics later" but then remembered that (1) today is newsletter day, so that needs to be done (2) I still have some CS work to finish up, namely leaving feedback on eBay, so that needs to be done.

Odd non-food cravings of late: board games and jigsaw puzzles. I'd really like to do both of those. Especially big puzzles with loads of detail, or Monopoly. Yes, I know they exist on the computer, but it's not the same. I want to set out a board game on the kitchen table and play with several people. *sigh*
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