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Day 5

The water has receded but the roads are still flooded and I wouldn't try to get out of my driveway just yet. While we still have electricity, we have lost indoor plumbing. We will boil water as soon as the potable water returns. At least everyone got showers yesterday. Yes, in theory we could scoop up a bucket of water from outside, but, y'know, we have no idea what the hey is in that water. Unless it's one of the buckets of rainwater we've been collecting, we can't even use it to refill the toilets.

The refugee situation is... interesting. Because Houston has no idea how to do this (unlike Florida - yes I will beat this dead horse into a paste, thanks for asking), they have "transitional centers" for refugees. I.e. they take people to Location and leave them there until a more permanent refugee center can be set up. Or, in some cases, the refugees are removed from their homes and taken to the highways to wait there, in the rain, for someone else to pick them up. It's a really weird situation.

I am so glad and so thankful that we have been safe in our home so far. Yes, there's a bit of cabin fever, but we still have electricity, so AngryDandelion has played Sims 3 (!) since we lost internet, and last night we watched Gravity Falls on DVD. (Might be a good time to catch up on those DVDs I've been meaning to get around to.) And everyone got showers yesterday so we should be good on that front for a while.

We also do not have main internet. Still sending all this via phone.

Thank you to everyone for your prayers, energies, and good thoughts. They're all much appreciated. :)

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