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The morning after

Before I continue - PLEASE comment on the Dreamwidth entry. I can reply via emails to DW, LJ requires me to log in on mobile and LJ mobile has gotten hellish, it's impossible nowadays.

The bad news: Internet is only on phones at the moment and is spotty there. Wind is picking up.

The good news: The water stopped 10 feet from the door. I took a pic, will upload later when I can. We still have power and plumbing

We're all still well and safe. We have had a couple of power flickers and at one point water stopped, but now everything is running again except internet. Trying a hotspot with the phone but no luck yet.

The hummingbird was angry that we took down the feeder so that's back up.

Toly stayed up until 4:30 AM keeping an eye on the water, then Dad took over. The rain has stopped for now - it stopped sometime before 4:30 but we don't know when - but there are still intermittent sprinkles and we may get more rain. We can see the whirlpool in the flood outside where the storm drain is doing its best. The road is at least a foot under water.

Dad may get out the inflatable kayak and paddle around.

We don't know about my brother or Basia. Haven't heard from Basia at all. As of last night the water was 5" from my brother's door. No updates yet from there this morning.

I will keep posting as I can.

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