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Probably the last post of the night

Someone in a pickup truck just drove along the street... on someone's lawn, and it sounded like the vehicle was struggling. Really chewed up the lawn on the other side. Possibly didn't know they weren't on the road. Didn't hit the fire hydrant, at least.

One of Huxrin's friends says the same truck did the same thing on their street (which is a ways away and therefore a neat trick that they managed that, if it's the same one).

Curfew is in many places, honestly we could use it everywhere based on the above.

Reservoirs are being breached deliberately to try to relieve some of the pressure; evacuations downstream are very very encouraged. The reservoirs are to the SE part of the city, near Galveston Bay.

Mom says "This city is not organized like Florida is for hurricanes."

I said "We lived through so many hurricanes in Florida without a problem, we come to Texas, BAM, Ike and Harvey."

We are prepared if need be to evacuate stuff from downstairs; mostly valuables and laptops and so on. Though in a few hours the forecast is less rain and then a drier spell, and if that happens, some drainage should happen. Here's hoping.

Another 5 inches of rain in the last 2 hours.

Will check in again as soon as I wake up, whether that is emergency or natural waking.

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