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Weather update

Still raining. Slight pickup of the wind, which is bad. Wind means downed power lines.

Bro just texted (6:35 pm) that from his front yard, he heard [number] transformer(s) blow. I got the news via word of mouth so I don't know if the number was "a" transformer or "eight" transformers. Either way, blown transformers mean someone's losing power.

Since my last post: more roads here are underwater. Schools are closed until Sept 5. We still have power at the house, the generator and gas, the truck, propane for the grill, and lots of nonperishable food, because we've been through too many of these to count. It's something of an enforced staycation for the moment.

I got some quilting done this afternoon, will post pix at some point. Eating the perishable food first just in case.

Temps are nice though. Low to mid 70s. Very comfortable.

In case people are wondering and haven't heard it elsewhere: Houston wasn't evacuated because:
1. There are 6 million people here
2. There are not enough hotel rooms in this half of the state to house them all for a week or more, even assuming the rooms were free
3. Hurricane Rita in 2005 proved that evacuating was a very bad idea because people were trapped in 24-hour gridlock and died on the highways
4. Because, again, 6 million people

Anyway. Oh, we also have an inflatable kayak, that was a fortuitous purchase earlier this year.

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