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8:30ish-8:45, went out in the truck with Dad to see how things are. We haven't had much wind, thank goodness, because that would have knocked down power lines. There was a half-downed tree, probably because the soil is so waterlogged at this point, but the drains are mostly working at this point. The swales (= drainage ditches) alongside the roads are very full but the roads around our area are, for now, passable.

However there's no guarantee that will continue. Schools are closed until Wednesday. Downtown sounds exceptionally bad.

The parking lot where Toly works. This always floods. This was why we went to see, maybe he's not going to work tomorrow.

The road Toly needs to get to that parking lot. To the right (offscreen) it was still passable if you had a high wheelbase like the truck. I wouldn't risk it in his old beater, though.

We are still expecting 100% chance of rain through Tuesday at this time.

On a more pleasant note, at least it's now only in the low to mid 70s instead of the high 90s!

Opposite direction, heading eastish. It doesn't look too bad here but I know for a fact that the road dips just around the corner and that area is flooded too.

Our backyard is swampy. The waterfall is pretty full but it has a drainage pipe... of course as Dad noted, "we've never found out where it's draining to." Dad uncovered this trash can last night and it was half full about 9 pm, so, in 12 hours it's now full. He uncovered another one to see how much we get today.

We've had one power flicker but still have power for now (obvs). Keeping phone charged.

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