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Rifftrax "To Catch a Yeti"

Meat Loaf "stars" in this movie. His sidekick is named Blubber. The yeti is an animatronic troll doll. Who... escapes on a sled. That wasn't there in the wilderness a moment ago.

Somehow the yeti got in someone's backpack unseen/unnoticed/unweighed and got to England? I think this is England? Half the ppl have American accents and the others are vaguely English?

omg this is so bad.
"It's a he, Mom!" says prepubescent Amy.
"How do you know?"
"I checked!"

Okay the town and the people are all English-y but the car has New York license plates?

Parents didn't notice their obviously distraught daughter climbing out the window? And she got on a Greyhound bus to New York? And the driver or ticket person don't wonder about a prepubescent girl traveling alone?

Also Mean Middle School Rich Kid electrocutes the maid. It's a kid's movie! Ha ha ha ha ha!

Rich Kid is disappointed in his fun-size yeti which Meat Loaf kidnapped from the little girl. Meat Loaf throws the kid across the room. Can the yeti attack the rich kid yet? Please?

By sheer plot stupid, the parents find their runaway daughter. Is the dad Canadian? Maybe this movie is set in Canada, not England? Canadian Dad might actually be dollar-store Jerry Seinfeld.

Daring Yeti Rescue by little girl and English Mom! Unfunny hijinx ensue! Rich Kid is dressed like a brownshirt, yikes.

The yeti skateboards his way to freedom in New York City, possibly Central Park.

And the daughter and the yeti somehow get separated and yet the family all knows to meet up at the train station.

Rich Kid now dresses like Brezhnev! His parents convince the yeti hunter to take the kid with him while hunting down little girl and yeti, and pack their bags to move while the kid is out of the house. No lie.

Oh! The yeti didn't sled away at the beginning! He skiied on his giant feet!

OMG the kid says "There's a shotgun in the trunk! My dad never goes without one!" So Meat Loaf, Blubber and Rich Kid check out the armory (!!) in the limo trunk. Rich kid (whose Soviet coat has medals on it!) says "Remember, the little girl's mine!" as he checks the ammo on a large firearm. !!! HEY, KIDS! Here's a movie you'll really enjoy!

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Aug. 24th, 2017 10:09 am (UTC)
I can't believe you suffered all the way through that movie! Thanks for the warning, this is a film I sure won't bother watching. (Even if it has Meatloaf in it.)
Aug. 24th, 2017 01:14 pm (UTC)
It was so, so bad! And yes, the rich kid's parents DID move away to a tropical paradise where they were much happier!

The lesson here? "If you're awful enough, your parents WILL abandon you!"

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