Laridian (laridian) wrote,


Weight this morning (*after* breakfast) was 140! WOOT!! Only 10 more pounds to go before I hit the ideal! XD Although 140 for my height is pretty cool too. :D

1.7 meters (5'7"), 63.5 kg (140 lb)

UPDATE ('cause I don't want to spam too much by making another tiny post). Kinda bored. Maybe I'll play Pirates! after the kids go for nap and I handle the CS stuff. Did 2 loads of laundry and already hung them up! Yay! Also cleaned up M's room (mostly) and did some xstitch (South America coastline almost completed in half-stitches). Wrestled with kids, who for reasons unknown don't want to go outside to play on a beautiful day. :? Toly stayed up 'til past 4 am (I know 'cause I woke up briefly at that time and heard him typing) so he's sleeping a bit to recover.

Today's cravings: Popcorn (I have an air popper, just no popcorn...), Corn Pops cereal, chocolate covered potato chips. So, chocolate and salt. Hm. I don't want sweet just by itself.

I also feel like doing one of those challenge things that every major fandom has. You know, the kind where you say "Give me a pairing/situation and I'll write a drabble/short story about them/it", or you say "Write a 500-word story that includes the words Harry Potter, lederhosen and vampires" or stuff like that. Oh well.

Mm. I wanna be a pirate.
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