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Garden cleanup

Started about 6:30 am and it was already 80 degrees ("feels like worse") and humid. The heat was abetted by our need to completely cover up to avoid the mosquitoes, including mosquito netting veils. Anyway, the corn and two squash plants were torn up, and the tomato plants pruned of dead stems and so on. It's much more cleaned up now, but we're not under any illusions. The heat is pretty bad now and we're waiting for the last tomatoes to finish ripening on the vine before those too get removed.

Those tomatoes, btw, are super tasty. We've been eating a lot of cherry tomatoes, but the Krims and Pineapples are now ripening. They're both so delicious but with different texture and flavor. Krims are firmer, Pineapples are a bit sweeter. Both juicy and wonderful. BEST GARDEN YEAR EVER.

We might try again in August when things might cool off a bit more. We'll see.

Then we dismantled the corn penitentiary and rolled up the chicken wire and set aside the framepieces for later use. It's all still good and there's like $150 tied up in the corn penitentiary and the tomato prison, so I want to save all of that for later.

Oh, and the tomato prison, when it's done, would make a decent "free fly zone" for our birds. They can't get through the mesh but they can perch on it, and if we set it over their cage and then open the cage, they can free fly for a while and get some exercise. I hope we can do that before Dad dismantles it.

Needless to say, while I don't know if I ever saw a mosquito while we were out there (since we were fully prepared), all three of us were masses of sweat by the end. Mom says she's done with the garden, the mosquitoes are just too bad. (We didn't have a cold winter this year, so we didn't have a die-off like we normally do.)

Oh! and there was a tiny little frog in the back yard! We had a mess of tadpoles this spring in our waterfall, so I'm glad to see some of them have grown up and, so far, survived. :)

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