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So far this year's Rows, the ones that I could actually reach, don't inspire me very much. I'm not sure it would be worth it to ask people to get anything.

The exceptions are those in Florida; I'll ask my aunt to pick up the space one, and use my own fabric for that, and then in November I'll buy the super nice one with the sandpipers (you can't mail order these until November, you can only pick them up in person). Many of the Florida rows are so pretty you guys.

Of course this may change... but let's be honest, I'm on my 2nd page of "non-UFO projects I want to do". I can move one of those onto the UFO project instead.

Then... Toly and I discussed storage (namely, that there's too much stuff in the office and bedroom) and how we can fix it up. He wants the craft stuff out of the office, which I'm good with, but I need somewhere else to put it; so we think if we can move the boxes from the bedroom to the office, then put in some breadracks, and I can get some clear containers, I can sort my stash appropriately and put it in said containers so I can see at a glance which one it is, and I don't have to store them in cardboard boxes in the closets.

(And while I'd love to hit up the Container Store, I know I'm better off getting something cheaper at Walmart for storage.)

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Jun. 13th, 2017 11:20 am (UTC)
I'm sorry that you are thinking of giving up your project, but I suppose everything has a time. Good luck with the moving/rearranging. I hope it works out for you!
Jun. 14th, 2017 05:46 pm (UTC)
I might pick up the Row challenge next year. I don't want to work on something I'm not happy with. And this year, the available patterns just aren't any good. So I'll table it for now and try again next year. I do have soooo many other things to work on, anyway. :)
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