Laridian (laridian) wrote,

Stonehenge braid

Due to issues beyond my control, the Lucasarts quilting project is on hold for the moment. So I went through my Page Two of other stuff I want to work on and found the Stonehenge braid.

It's basically "cut pieces and sew them so they look braided" and I'm using a set of Stonehenge fabrics, specifically these (it's the SM-5 set down near the bottom of the page). I got these no earlier than 2012 because that's the date on the package, and I know they were a gift from either Mom or [profile] iceraptoress. (I apologize for not being precise!)

There's enough to maybe do 2 baby quilts or 1 lap quilt in Christmas colors of red/green, and a twin size quilt in blue/yellow/white/gold. Huxrin asked me to make her the latter. Since I can't do the medical quilt for her, this will suffice. And while I work on that, I can decide whether to do 1 or 2 quilts in Christmas. Christmas stuff might sell, but it's basically "do I try to make 2 of something in hopes they'll both sell, since I'm cutting all this fabric anyway".

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Tags: craft update, quilting
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