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Postcrossing & Bingo

Time to talk about Postcrossing again :)

Today I hit my 600th registered sent cards. (I've sent more than 600 but some of them have disappeared into the ether and/or the recipient quit the exchange and never registered them, which is just something you learn to deal with.) Anyway - 600! Woot! As of this writing I'm at 601 sent and 600 received.

Because I've sent/received so many cards, I started playing the bingos on the forum. A PX Bingo is, in essence, like Pokemon for a specific set. :P Like, "all 50 US states plus DC", or "50 biggest countries by land area", or "former Soviet Republics," or "German and Dutch provinces". It's not hard, I already have a lot of these, and it's something to (slowly) work toward.

Since it's entirely based on random chance as to who you send or receive a card, it can take a while. I don't think I'll ever get close to Africa, which is admittedly one of the hardest ones - many African countries don't have anyone participating.

When you get a full subset (either sent/received) you have a bingo and can get a congratulatory card from everyone else participating. Of course, you have to send one to other bingo winners, too. :)

Also, PX doesn't re-send to the same person, so you don't have to worry about duplicates.

So far I'm doing:
Combined Germany/Netherlands
USA - states
USA - 100 largest cities
50 Biggest Countries
Americas/Caribbean (another hard one)
Finland regions
Former Soviet Countries
Baltic Sea
100 PX countries (there are 248 total, of which 208 participate; there's another bingo if you manage 140; but many countries (such as Western Sahara) have few or no active members, hence only going for 100)

Having fun with this and it's something to work on during the slow times, picking out other bingos to collect for. ^_^

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