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Still putting together the Balmorhea list, so expect that toward the end of the week. Meanwhile, some pix and talk of our own finches.

The four birds are still going strong. They get something at least every other day - millet, broccoli, corncob, other nice foods - and I've tried oranges, tomatoes and banana which they completely ignored, but darn it, I tried.

Meanwhile we've revamped their cage a little bit. Their claws are getting very long so we got sandpaper for the perches. Then I got some dry pine twigs from the yard and arranged those for extra perching places. We got rid of the oversized finch "house" and put in two smaller "bowls" of woven dry grass for them to sleep in. They seem to like them. Probably easier to keep clean, too.

And I got some wheatgrass for them. I'd like to start growing my own, but I need the right pot, I think, and this was easier to purchase at the time. (There was also an oat/barley/rye mix but the wheatgrass looked healthier.) I got this because they rip to shreds any corn leaves I put into their cage.

Turns out they LOVE the wheatgrass. They'll nibble on it, sit in it, pull on it, etc. How long will it last? Who knows? This may be worth getting hold of some small bag of grass seed and growing my own on a regular basis or something.

Here you can see one on a perch, one on a twig, and one in the grass. (Not sure where the last one is)

And here they are one night at sunset.

Since they can't be let out of the cage (they're extremely hard to catch and return to the cage), the best I can do is make life interesting inside the cage.

I know the pix aren't focused real well, the camera keeps wanting to focus on the bars, not the birbs. :/

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