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General quilt rambling/crabbiness

This year's Row patterns really suck, pardon my French. So far I haven't seen any that jump out and say "Make me!" Now, I'm not looking at every state... just the ones that I can get to (like TX) or get one from via friends (like FL).

This year's theme is "on the go" and unfortunately there are plenty of cutesy-poo patterns. I know a lot of quilters like those. I applaud them. That's what they like, they should totally go for it. And I'm sure those stores are catering to their local clientele, the people who will be showing up to pick up the patterns or buy the kits. Just because it's not my cup of tea doesn't mean they can't and shouldn't make what works for them.

But it means I'm not likely to pick anything up this year, that's for sure. So far, anyway. OK, there's the one Space row from Florida, that I'm going to ask my aunt to pick up for me. But that's for the Space Rows work I'm doing right now. If I want to make a new Rows set for 2017, I'm kinda hard up so far.

To refresh:
- I have completed rows for Wisconsin, Hawaii and Alaska
- I have previous years' patterns for Texas (at least 2 iirc)

That gives me 4 rows, or 1/2 a total Row set. I'm looking at the Texas rows to see is there anything that I like, regardless of whether I can even get it, and so far, bupkis.

[personal profile] porkwithbones has offered to get me anything from select locations in AR/TN/MO/OK but so far nothing there either.

Florida rows are gorgeous but other than the space row one, I can't get anything from that state so far. :/ And other than that... idk. Maybe I won't be able to get a Row quilt done this year. Which I guess would be OK. But still. I was looking forward to it (and to using those 3 completed rows too).

I could still probably do another all-Alaska quilt, now that I think of it. I still have lots of kits that [profile] iceraptoress sent me. If I pick up 1-2 more then that's a full Row quilt. Will have to think on this.

The "crabbiness" part is because I'm kinda frustrated about the whole thing.

And continuing on that theme: So it turns out that that $250 binding foot I've been saving $ for? Won't physically fit on my machine. Boy, do I wish I'd known that earlier in the year. >:( Anyway. The one that *will* fit on my machine is $25. So after some thought I decide to give it a try...

...and I can't yet figure out how to make this thing work. I have some more things to try though.

Also, in order to use the $250 foot, I have to get the next upgrade of machine, which is currently "only" $2000 at the store, and I can get 90% of my current machine's value in trade-in credit, which means I still need "only" $1200 to get the new machine so I can buy the $250 foot. Yeah, no. Not happening. I like my current machine very much. I can get the longarm quilting done if I pay for it. The binding... ugh.

SW (where I intend to get the longarming) is $25/hour for longarm plus I get to use the computerized machine. I have to ask if I can bring my own stuff to work on while the longarm runs. But they don't do binding.

A new store came up not too far away, Honeysuckle, and they also have longarm rental, at $25/hour, plus $130 for the class on how to *use* the longarm machines, and no you can't use the computerized one straight away, you have to use the manual ones, which I DO NOT want to use. I tried those and I can think of better ways to waste my time. (YMMV as a quilter - some people love this and mad props to them - like how needlepoint or cutting fabric is relaxing to me, manual longarming is relaxing to them.)

OTOH Honeysuckle will do the binding by hand what alternate dimension did I step into. Anyway, I dgaf if they do it by machine or by hand, because I'm having so much trouble with the binding, but if I can get my own binding to work out, then I only have to go to SW to get the longarming done, and figure out binding on everything else.

But if I can't get this cheapo binding foot to work, I may have to pay someone to do it, which let me tell you, is incredibly frustrating on top of being more expensive that I like.

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