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Cherry tomatoes in full ripe

The cherry tomatoes are ripening quickly now. Today I probably picked a dozen, between morning and evening - vine-ripened and coming easily off the stem.

Here's a closeup from this morning:

And here's some of the morning bounty:

Tonight I threw in some kielbasa with the squash/onion/garlic for dinner. Fresh veggies are the best. The squash plants are nearing the end, though, and boy will I miss them when they're gone. Some of the harvest this weekend were huge!

The "big" tomatoes (Black Krim and Yellow Pineapple) are so freakin' thick it's hard to tell if there's fruit in there sometimes. Last we knew, Krim had about 6 tomatoes, but now YP is finally setting fruit; I saw 3 this morning. YP is also growing through the roof and sides of the Tomato Penitentiary (which are covered with bird netting).

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