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Picture time!

First, garden update. We're harvesting several cherry tomatoes per day now. The non-cherry tomatoes are getting bigger and there's half a dozen of those. The yellow pineapple tomato is *finally* setting fruit and is now growing through the top of Tomato Penitentiary.

The squash is still producing but by June I think it'll be done. We might move some flowers into that container afterward. The mint is invading everything it can and we may have to move the basil and lavender at some point, even with aggressively pushing mint on everyone we know. ("First one's free. So's the second. And the third. Take all you want!")

Yesterday Dad and I put together the Corn Prison.

This is because birds and varmints alike are starting to take notice of the young ears, which aren't quite ripe yet. We had enough pipe and chicken wire to make a 4x4x8' cage, just big enough. Behind it you can see Tomato Penitentiary.

Thanks to the chicken wire, the bees can still get in just fine. Probably a determined small squirrel or bird can get in too, but certainly will have trouble getting out. We hope they won't get in though.

My oldest niece has started a small cake decorating business, not enough to live on yet, but she's building up skills and getting some business through word of mouth and Facebook. This is a new style she made for a family birthday this week. She took the pic in our back yard (that's the tomatoes behind the cake).


The cake was delicious but it's 4 tall layers and there was soooo much frosting. Because it's buttercream under that dark chocolate covering, and buttercream between each layer, and eek. Anyway, chocolate cake with raspberry jam in there too. Very good, but even the kids stayed away from all that frosting. I guess you need it, though, to be a cake decorator?

Then there's the Halloween bed runner, third completed Halloween project this year. Cripes, I have a lot left but I'm not sure what to do with any more of it, seriously.

I kept thinking this was a table runner while making it, and then when I assembled it, I remembered, oh yeah, bed runner. Or maybe a table runner for a really long table. Or cover a tall door, idk. Anyway! It's the same fabrics you've seen in the other Halloween projects, and the same bright orange as seen in Foxes on the Riverbank.

And that brings me to the update on the UFO/Other Projects lists. Nothing changed on the UFO, so I'm not re-listing it here, but Other Projects has suddenly gotten quite full with the various things I'm working on, finished, or plan to work on.


This means I have to make another page, you know that, if I want to work on anything else. That said, I still need to finish some of this stuff, and that might be hard this week.

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