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Quilting update

So here's how the quilting stands:

Nautical Flags - all sewing is done; I need a border, backing, etc but for the moment it's done and I can't work on it much because the eventual giftee lives in this house. So I have to schedule that around when they're not here.

Halloween table runner - I forgot this is actually a bed runner. Or a table runner for a really long table. Or a couch. Anyway! The top is done. Woot! Need to take a pic to post here.

Halloween jars - waiting on new ink cartridge for printer

Space Rows - waiting for new Row season to start in about 4 weeks, because there's a great Florida row I want to use instead of the "trippy planets" one. Otherwise, as done as it's going to get.

Projects to come:
Places I've visited -
Alaska - I have 2 completed rows, I can pick one
Texas - waiting for the rest of the 2017 row designs to come out, to see if one of them is any good
Wisconsin - I forgot that a friend of mine *made* me a row back in 2015! So I can use that one! Woot!
Hawaii - I have 1 completed row (which has a similar theme as WI, even better)

I hope to get Arkansas and Florida rows, assuming they're good and at a store someone can get to. After that... it's tough. We will see.

Rainbow Blocks - next thing to work on, to use up some green fabric. And some blue. And then decide if I want to actually use red and yellow, or just make it all green and blue. I have time to think on this, at least until I'm done with green and blue blocks. The good news is, this is a great way to use up little scrappy pieces.

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