Laridian (laridian) wrote,

Shotgun post

I miss Fallout 3. Unfortunately I don't think we can play it on the current console and anyway I'd want to play it on PC now, or maybe New Vegas, I never did finish that one...

Green Giant has new "veggie tots" and the broccoli & cheese ones are OMFGGOODIWANNAEATTHEWHOLEBAG
Seriously, these make me finish four servings of vegetables per day, sometimes in one sitting. These things are awesome. The cauliflower tots are not so hot, haha.

I need to post garden pix again, the corn and tomatoes are so tall!

I wanted to post something for Revenge of the Fifth but I don't have a video or a pic, so let's go with "man, I wanna cosplay as one of those Imperial Commanders in all black with the kepi".

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Tags: fallout 3, food, garden, star wars
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