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We have some little baby squash! Yay! :D Dad thinks we can harvest them within a week. And yes there are new cages now... I'll have to post pix of all this.

I harvested some each of mint and basil to give to coworkers, and Mom gave some away too, and there's still plenty. Toly got me one of those scissors-y herb mincers - I've wanted one for a while, but now I can finally use one! I can't wait for it to arrive.

I eat a lot of plain yogurt with low-glycemic and/or high-protein granola mixed in, but I wonder if I could just mince up some mint and toss it in as a flavoring? Would I end up with a sort of Shamrock Shake effect? I already figure I can make sweet mint tea out of it - it's spearmint, not peppermint. But when I look for "mint yogurt" I get lots of recipes for mint yogurt garlic sauce for lamb and kebabs.

And of course mincing up some basil to add to eggs and some other meals would be cool too. I mean, I know you can do it with a sharp knife or scissors, I just want the scissors type that minces a lot at once.

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