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Quilt: Crooked Halloween

I started this last Tuesday and finished today (Saturday). Woo! The hardest part was collecting all the fabrics. There are close to 40 different fabrics in here.

I decided to do some kind of Halloween project after porkwithbones gifted me three different Halloween fabrics (all of which are in this quilt). Of course, the project I found required 40 different fabrics... so I began collecting remnants and fat quarters of Halloween or similar fabric whenever I could.

You know what I had no luck finding? Fabric with ghosts. Skeletons, skulls, cats, bats, pumpkins, witches, even some spiders and scarecrows; but no ghosts. Which, c'mon, people!

Anyway! On to the pix!

Here's the finished quilt top.

Here's some closeups of the fabrics.

The "skeleton keys" here are metallic gold; there are other bits of metallic gold and silver in other fabrics throughout the quilt.

I used some tone green, purple and different oranges to help fillin pieces. The dots around Happy Halloween work too, they have most of the existing colors!

I finally just gave in and bought a third-yard of, idk, seven or eight fabrics just to get it over with, heh. I needed more Day of the Dead because I'll be using that in the Lucasarts piece as well. (The googly eyes in the forest are cute!)

Plenty of bats, plenty of cats! (Also, owls in that bright green!)

I thought these dancing skeletons were adorable! :D Also, of course we think "orange and black" for Halloween, but green and purple go well with it too... and so do gray and white... in fact, almost every color except pink, red, blue and yellow.

Now, I still have a *lot* of Halloween fabrics left, but I'll address that in another post. :) Oh, and this is another of the 2017 UFO list! Nine down, three to go, and it's only April!
Tags: finished piece, quilt: crooked halloween, ufo challenge 2017

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