Laridian (laridian) wrote,

Today: No migraine!

And it felt WONDERFUL!

I got a lot done on Foxes on the Riverbank quilt today. I wanted to finish it but it just wasn't going to happen. I got close, though. Hope to finish it this week and take pix.

Huxrin and a friend saw the new Beauty and the Beast movie and said it was good.

I saw the trailer for the Wonder Woman movie and I'm intrigued. This might be good, too. I hope so. And the Amazons aren't just speaking "English with a posh-sounding British accent", they're speaking English but with an interesting, more exotic accent than we usually get in these films.

I sent a Valentine's card in the first week of February and it has JUST NOW arrived in the NEXT STATE OVER. wtf, USPS. I get you're hemorrhaging money, but you're not convincing me to send more stuff via mail instead of email. >:(
Tags: headache, movies, movies to watch, postcards, quilting
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