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Space rows update

It's sure been a while, hasn't it? November, I think, because I couldn't order the last space rows until after 11/1.

Anyway, continuing my goal of finishing all my UFO's well before they're supposed to get done, today I worked on one and a partial space row. For some reason I thought I was close to done. Ho ho! I'd done five rows last year but still had three to go, not to mention tacking down all the applique.

The one I worked on/finished today was the one from Patches & Stitches in Huntsville, AL, home of the Huntsville Space Center. I went there once, long ago, when Toly and I were in college. P&S' row for 2016 was the Saturn V rocket, which of course I wanted to do. In Florida, near Cape Canaveral, for years they had a bunch of the smaller rockets upright outside where you could see them, but then they were all taken down for fear of hurricane problems. :( And the Saturn V is at Kennedy Space Center, where I've been a few times in my life, but not recently.

Anyway! Saturn V!

In strong daylight (like here) it's a little harder to tell the details. Lots of fun to put together, except for the one paper pieced part (which due to the lighting looks mismatched but it's not). The USA was embroidered onto fabric by the shop, since I bought the kit, and the flag is appliqued on.

Also hard to tell is that the bottom is supposed to be "steam and smoke" colored and in person you can tell this, but in the picture it just looks like a slightly different blue.

Next up, I had to buy a half yard of this (!) to get one Gemini capsule, but darn it, I got a Gemini capsule and it was easier than trying to print something onto iron-on fabric and possibly have it look like crap.

Here's the row in its "before" picture. This is from Quarry Quilts & Yarns in Sandstone, MN.

And here it is with a Gemini capsule, not to scale:

That really helps balance the row. Don't you agree? And then I'll still add some hotfix crystals when the whole thing is done, to make sparkly stars.

STILL TO BE DONE: A Mars colony and a trippy generic sci-fi sorta thing. Also to tack down all the applique and finish drawing or stitching the shuttle, and that silver cord.
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