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North American Wildlife quilt completed!

Today I finished the quilt top for the North American Wildlife quilt!

This was really mostly done in January, but today I added the black and brown outer borders.

Fabrics and where I got them:
Left side: Opossums (AR), various canids (fox, wolf, coyote) (AK)
Middle top: Bald eagle (Quilt festival), whitetailed deer (TX)
Middle center: Pronghorn antelope (AR)
Middle bottom: Brown bears, moose (TX)
Right side: Various wild ducks (Quilt festival), raccoons (online)

I loved this quilt design when I first saw it, because of the window effect. I changed all the fabrics to wildlife designs and I still love the window effect! :)

I hope to make this available for sale later this year.

Approx 66 x 85" (if I remember correctly). (1.67m x 2.16m)
Tags: crafts, finished piece, quilt: north american wildlife
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