Laridian (laridian) wrote,

2017 UFO Challenge List update

I totally forgot until today to look up the February UFO item!

January: Item 6 - completed
February: Item 8 - completed

1. NAW quilt - needs outer border and then top is done.

2. Same as before - I still need to dig through the various Halloween fabrics I picked up and see how many I have vs. how many I need.

3. Same as before - Have to wait until June to get started on this (when the patterns are released). Later would be better since I need time to accumulate patterns.

4. temporarily blank.

5. Finished

6. Finished

7. Same as before: Most of the rows are at least partly completed. I have to tack them down, which requires batting, so there's that, and I hate tacking down, but it's not technically hard. Potentially time consuming to put together, though. And I still need some backing and sashing materials. I might have sashing - I have a good sized remnant of "space" fabric - but I don't know if it will clash with the rows.

8. Finished

9. In progress; there is so much cutting and sewing. I know they'll look good at the end, but man, this is a lot of work.

10. Same as before: I will probably have to make iron-on printed sheets of the characters. I don't see how I can easily make applique of this. But I'll keep playing with the idea.

11. In progress. Needs outer border and then top is done. I even have the fabric, I'm pretty sure (in other words, darn it, FINISH THIS FIRST).

12. Same as before: Two possible patterns to choose from, so I'll see what appeals to me more when the time comes.
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