Laridian (laridian) wrote,

In happier news: the lemon tree lives!

After that bitter freeze in January the lemon tree dropped all its leaves. This is my Meyer lemon which I have had for something like 8 years now? 9? Not less than 8 because we had it when we moved to this house 8 years ago. It was a container plant until we finally got it into its current place in the back yard.

But now with warmer weather (this week was actually unseasonably warm - yesterday was 87 F, which I think is 30.5 C?) my lemon tree has produced all kinds of leaves and even some flower buds! Some are visible in right-center of the photo but they're tiny little white round buds.


As for the rest of it - the front yard has been fixed up and new plants to replace the frost-killed. The back yard still needs some work but we're getting there.
Tags: garden, house
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