Laridian (laridian) wrote,

Cards from food packaging

In my nearly 2 years with Postcrossing, I have often seen people's requests include "Do not send handmade cards!" which made me wonder if at some point in years past, there were a lot of these. I've received one handmade card since then, which was gorgeous and featured threadwork.

Today I had my first request for a handmade card. The specific request was: "I especially like a home made cards cut from FOOD PACKAGES." So I dug into the recycling and made this:

 photo US-4450588.png

I traced around a standard sized postcard to make sure it was the correct size. The inside of the box is white, making it easy to read. And it was kinda fun to pick something out! (And thanks to Toly for eating these things and thus providing the box!)
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