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MegaCon report

Megacon was, well... I've had more fun at other cons. Got there after driving in the rain most of the way (cleared up about the time I reached the area I was unsure of, so that was nice), found it easily enough - even though I swore I'd never use Mapquest again, I kinda had to since that was the only way to get directions. And this time they were right (on the way in, at least). I think I got there maybe around 10:30 am or so.

Last day of the con, so a lot of stuff on sale. Had to spend $20 to be able to wander around. Kind of a rip, I thought, but hey. Organization could've been better. "Advance Tickets" were in one very visible location; regular tickets were off to the side and not well marked. Lots of other people besides me were asking for tickets at the wrong place.

Iron Cosplay competition looked neat, though I just poked my head in now and then. I'm guessing it was along the line of "here's the fabric, make a costume out of it!" as two teams had sewing machines, scissors, supplies, etc. Of course someone has to entertain the crowd while the costumes are made...

There wasn't too much "gamer smell" going on, though there was one notably pungent individual there. Maybe it was because there were more parents and older types around, which maybe was because it was a Sunday. I don't know. But the lack of geek-stink was very cool. ^_^

Thom Christopher (the rather cross-dressing bad guy some of you might remember from MST3K's "Deathstalker and the Warriors from Hell") was there along with equally famous (?) individuals. Asked for a pic of him and he said only if I bought one, he doesn't do fan photos. I wasn't mad at him about it, it's his right, but I didn't buy one either.

Money stuff: Cost me $6 in tolls yesterday (man, have they gone up!) plus $20 to get in plus my $1 souvenir. And gas money. Didn't eat or drink anything there, so I went several hours without anything, but at least I didn't overpay! ;D

Dealer's room/exhibition hall was OK. I have to say it was a better mix than Jacon (all anime) or GenCon (mostly RPG). This was anime, comics, movies, games, a little of everything. Still didn't buy anything. Of note was the stall with "YAOI MANGA" signage, which I hadn't seen at a con before - maybe yaoi is finally coming into its own as a niche. Speaking of signs, there were the usual "Japanese Kisses $2" and "Will Glomp For Food" and the like, plus "Will Yaoi For Food, Just Find Another Guy", although the guy in question was not exactly what one might call a hottie. (For those who don't know what yaoi is, the quickie explanation is 'gay Japanese manga/anime'.)

Met the current colorist for the City of Heroes comic. Brian from 8-Bit Theater didn't come to Megacon this year, or didn't have a booth, or something, so I didn't see him. Randomly came across Mark Waid, who is a big name in comic-book writing circles, and who will be taking up the CoH comic after issue #12. He was just walking around the con. Our conversation went something like this:

Me: "Mr. Waid?" (shaking hands) "I'd just like to say I'm a big fan of your work." I can't mention anything specific 'cause I haven't read comics in about 10 years.
Waid: "Thank you very much! Are you enjoying the con?"
Me: (doing the hand waggle meaning "eh") "Could've gone better, I was supposed to meet someone and they only now showed up, just as I'm about to leave."
Waid: (made some kind of "ah, that sux" sort of agreement, don't remember his exact words)
Me: "I'm looking forward to your work in City of Heroes."
Waid: "So am I! I think it's really going to be great."
Me: "It was nice meeting you!"
Waid: "You too!" (followed by generic small-talk goodbye kinda stuff) maybe it's not My Dinner with Andre, but it was still pretty cool. ^_^

Anyway, what I told him was true - I was supposed to meet rockso there, and they really did show up about the time I was going to leave. I hung on for another hour (while they went back to the car w/friends for costume parts) during which I discovered the souvenir sketch thing, so that's actually when I met Mark Waid, when I went to go get my sketch before leaving. The meeting-up was disappointing, mostly because I'd spent three hours wandering around while waiting, and Delta and her friends are one group, and, let's face it, I'm not part of that group. So even trying to hang around them was awkward. [shrug]

Partly salvaging the day was that I got one hug, one occasion of "ZELL! IT'S ZELL! Show the tattoo, dude!" (ah, my public, how they love me!) and about 8 or so photos taken of me by total strangers. Cosplay is for those who crave attention, all right. I wonder if the pix will ever show up on the web, or what people do with them?

I took exactly two pictures there, one of some Aliens marines because there's just somethin' about the uniforms and guns, you know? ^_~ Here's the other one:

I'm the one in the middle of course. This is mostly an FF8 pic. Don't know who's playing Selphie and Irvine to my right, or Squall to my left, but Delta is the Darkstalkers succubus whose face you can't see 'cause she's trying to bite Squall. Ah well. *I* look good. [/smug] (I also just realized that I'm at least as tall as the men in these pix, for some reason...)

Driving home was OK; again, overcast but not rainy while I was in Orlando, heavy rain on the Interstate. Tornadoes to the south of us, it turned out. Got home, showered to get the wax and stuff out of my hair, although I'm not sure I got it all out. ;)

Overall, I had more fun at Jacon (and loads more photos taken), way more fun at any GenCon. This one was on the average side.

The smell of Sharpie marker and hair wax will always make me think of GenCon.
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