Laridian (laridian) wrote,

Memory quilt commission

This is a quilt commissioned by a coworker. She had many old tea towels and embroidered pillowcases from her grandmother and aunts and great-aunts and wanted the embroidery and the tatting saved and made into a memory quilt.

She chose the layout and the red fabric for the borders and backing. I trimmed and set the embroidery panels and added embroidered initials of the original creators.

AngryDandelion is holding it up, and he's, idk, 5'9" so this is not as tall as he is. IIRC it's ~66" x 36"? I'd have to measure it again.


It was more challenging for the table runner in the middle and the pillowcase edges on the ends because she wanted the tatting intact. The whitework is attached at its base.

She wants it tied instead of quilted (thank goodness) and at the time of this picture it wasn't yet tied, I'm doing that today.
Tags: commissions, quilt: memory quilt
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