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Today I made pesto for the first time ever. I also ate pesto for the first time ever. I used walnuts instead of pine nuts, and... it was okay. I don't need to eat it again. Part of this is because the taste will not leave my tongue, three hours later, which is gross by now.

I love garlic, I like walnuts, I like basil, I like Parmesan cheese... and most of these things go great together... and it tasted fine when I ate it. But the aftertaste that glued itself to my tongue is not a happy one.

I had it on spaghetti squash, which usually I have with marinara, but I wanted to try pesto. I like spaghetti squash, so I can eat the rest of it just fine with marinara or butter and cheese or whatever.

We also went out to a park and Huxrin and I walked 2.5 miles and I did not get a celebratory donut with everyone else at the end of it.
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