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Der Weekend

Saturday: We went to the Texas Renaissance Festival. Huzzah! We last went in 2011, which I know because on that trip, I saw a billboard touting Portal 2, which was 2011. So, I guess we'll go every 5 years. We stayed maybe 4-5 hours and that was good enough for us. Almost 5 miles of walking, too. New birds in the raptor show (most of which appeared to be newly or un- trained) but the same guy doing the fire whip/knife throwing as last time. Jousting. Went to the place for the skeleton puppet/comedy show but some other show was running there.

I pointed out to the kids that with the constant hawkers and yelling and lots of ribald innuendo, this is an idea of what a market day in the middle ages might have looked like. Except there would be more beggars, more horse crap, more everything crap, more dogs, more rats...

Anyway, we had a good time. There were also many, many, many costumes of all different eras and levels of accuracy and historicity. By midday and mid-80s temps, some of them must have been very hot. We did hear that later in the season (about 6 weeks total), when the weather is cooler, is when the really fancy costumes come out.

Today: We went to the Houston Museum of Natural Science. (This weekend made possible by corporate discounts from my company.) I got to see the new Mummies of the World exhibit, which was fascinating. Genuine shrunken heads, a bog body, 30 Years War mummies, Egyptian mummies, 18th century medical mummies and more. I was less impressed with the "behind the scenes" guided tour of the Egyptian hall, but that's because I knew more than the guide. I reminded myself that the guide is there for beginner level guests, not people like me.

The amber exhibit was also interesting, with bits of feathers and geckos and snail shells and other things stuck in it, primarily Burmese amber. Not as cool as those mummies, though.
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