Laridian (laridian) wrote,

I looked at the rainbow quilt backing and figured out where I went wrong. I have two options:

1. Buy a whole new piece of fabric and do it again
2. Splice together the existing fabric

Honestly I would rather do #2 but since I want to sell it, I have a feeling I'll have to bite the bullet and do #1. :/

Next up: I need to see if we have a zipper foot, because if we do, I can make that banner Row for Mom for Christmas that she asked for.

I still have several of the Rows, plus the space Rows; but I'm saving the space ones until I can buy others in November (hoping I can get the rest of them then!) to do the entire quilt.

Thinking of getting back to the States Blocks, too, though I did most of the easy ones by now, heh.
Tags: quilting
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