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Postcards and stuff

Some postcards have gone out! To different people than usual! Keep an eye out! And if you're wondering "does laridian have my address?" the answer is likely "no", but if you would someday like a random postcard from me, because I enjoy sending them, and you're a mutual, then feel free to PM me about it. :)

In other news: I feel ready to start Christmas cards. Which, yes, I know, it is way too early for Christmas cards. I need to not even think about assembling the list until November. International recipients, I probably need to send those in early November to be sure, but... darn it, this is on my mental to-do list now and it's going to bug me for the next couple of months. And they're good cards, too! I got some really nice ones this year on sale in January and can't wait to send them. :D

On the Postcrossing front, I received a... regifted? recycled? reused? card. The sender had taken an already-used card - it already had postage and a message, it had been sent to the sender - and covered it up with a big white sticker, put new postage and a new message and my address on it, and sent it to me. I felt a little insulted and cheapened by this, because that was really super lazy. Yes, technically, recycling. Or regifting after you've already opened the box, used the item, put it back in backwards, and re-taped the box shut and there's a hair in the tape. I mean, I could peel off the sticker and read the message underneath (which dated from last Christmas). This is not proper Postcrossing etiquette! And it's rude too. Drama in the postcard fandom
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