Laridian (laridian) wrote,

2016 UFO Challenge: August

I don't have pix because I can't get good pix today, but today I completed the August item for the 2016 UnFinished Objects challenge, Swirling Dunes. It came out super nice, if I say so myself, and I plan to put it on the Etsy store as soon as I get some nice pix.

So we are now at:
 photo 2016_UFO_12.png

Here at the 8th month, I have 3 items left to go off this list - but there are also 12 completed items (14 if you count that I made 2 copies of some of them). I hope to complete Coastal Birds this month too.

Meanwhile, Paradigm Shift and Science Quilt both just need longarming, so maybe I should finally get around to talking to that lady with the longarm machine...

Not on the list, but in the same status as Paradigm and Science, are Emeralds, Candy Boxes, Whirlpool, and soon will be Sea Glass, so if I can get those done, it'll be a banner year indeed.

(The Rows don't count yet because they're not completed items. I need 8 rows to make a finished Row quilt, and I don't have all the Friends patterns yet.)
Tags: ufo challenge 2016

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