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Breakfast went well, kids ate a lot, which makes all the wimmens happy. ^_^ Went to post office, then the nearby park, so the kids got some exercise. Then off to Michael's, got the seamripper and the white aida. Looked at evenweaves but I would need a 28-count evenweave to start my evenweave career, I suspect, and all they had was 25-count. So Aida it is. I now know (since I had samples to look at) why people prefer evenweave to linen, and why the linen I bought gave me so much trouble that I gave up. If I can find some white 28-count evenweave (or someone gifts it to me) I'll give it another go.

Came home, went outside to play with the kids. In the front yard is a swale that runs under the driveway (there's no way the kids can fit under there, don't worry) and it has a lot of sand in it. This is M's new favorite place to play. He picks up twigs and short sticks and digs in the sand, and pokes the sand around, and generally carries on like a kid in a sandbox, which is what's happening here. K will pick dandelions around us - our yard is mostly weeds, I suspect - and little weedy wildflowers and bring them to me, or "lily pads" as she calls the rampant dollarweed (aka pennywort).

I am thisclose to starting ANOTHER NEW PROJECT. Someone smack me, or something.

Toly stayed up until 6 am so he's been sleeping all morning.

We can't do all the gardening this weekend because we need Dad's pickup truck to haul the supplies, and he used it to get to the airport, so it looks like we will plant corn next weekend (as well as buy mulch etc.) And we also need to buy a new deadbolt for the door. The kids are smart enough to know how to open the door's lock, so originally we got a chain lock and mounted it high on the doorframe where they couldn't reach. And then one day my mom was babysitting them and opened the front door without removing the chain, and ripped the chain mount right off the doorframe. >_< So since M is now actively trying to get out of the house so he can go play in the swale, we need a new second lock, and this time I'm getting a deadbolt so Mom can't rip the thing out quite so easily.

On to writing while everyone else is asleep.
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