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Let's start with a comic, today's Pajama Diaries strip, which I think we can all relate to:

 photo pajamadiaries_07232016.png

Meanwhile, what got done today?

Well, the new mattress arrived yesterday, and after discussion between the kids, they decided AngryDandelion could have it. I was reluctant about this because it's a big mattress but he said yes, yes, he would totally help clean his room, etc. SilverLily volunteered to help out of the goodness of her heart. No, really; she's nice like that.

So last night they cleaned out his closet and started working on the rest of the room, and today the serious cleaning began. It was honestly long overdue.

3 bags of trash out.
4 bags of outgrown clothing & other stuff gone to Goodwill.
More goodwill stuff is in my trunk, waiting for a full load before we get rid of that, too.
Closet cleaned out.
Dresser drawers cleaned out and aired.
3 boxes of stuff to the attic.
Bookshelf cleared.
Room vacuumed and cleaned.
Old bed frame and headboard went to Habitat for Humanity ReStore.
Baseboards and other things taped off with painter's tape.
Several boxes of recycled paper, cardboard, etc gone out (to the garage until recycling day).

Tomorrow morning SL and I will begin painting his room, because AD cut his ankle pretty badly and it hurt to walk for a while.

So no quilting this weekend, but I feel equally good about all this progress at home. Didn't go to gym today because honestly this felt like exercise after several hours of moving furniture, cleaning, vacuuming, hauling, etc.
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