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2016 UFO Challenge: June (and more!)

I'm very happy to report that I finished 2 quilt projects yesterday after getting nothing done in the rest of June so far! Part of that was the trip, I didn't do any quilting during that trip (though I *did* buy more fabric... >_>; ). But I also feel like I took a little break this past week too.

Plus I got to do my first ever quilt repairs for pay! From someone not related to me! Go me!

Let's talk about the patch first. A coworker asked me to patch 3 places on an old quilt of hers with sentimental value. I will be honest: this quilt actually needs a lot of repair work. But she said she would do the rest of it. I charged her a minimum of 1 hour's work and provided fabric.

In this pic I still have to trim away the white thread tails from the patches, but otherwise, this is it:
 photo patch_20160616.png

I chose that fabric as it goes with other pieces and with the blue design on the left. The holes being covered were too big to simply re-stitch the broken seams; the fabric itself had frayed along the seam edges. Since the design itself is something of a "crazy quilt" design, the patches actually blend right in.

In short: easy! :D Though if she comes back later and says "please fix everything else", I will discuss with her the problem that this quilt is really, really beat up and might not be worth saving. There are a lot of holes and torn seams and I suspect this has been put in a mechanical washer more than once (as opposed to dry clean or hand wash gentle).

On to yesterday's projects! One of them is "Fox Quilt 2". I sold #1 ("Matti's Fox") and still had enough fabrics to make a second, slightly different one.
 photo fox2_drape.png

This one has some of the same fabrics from the first one, but some are different. Also, instead of quilting it together, I tied it using rusty-orange yarn.
 photo fox2_full.png

Here's the applique up close. I think I used a different white fabric but the yellow and brown are the same.
 photo fox2_close.png

This will go on my Etsy store soon.

Lastly there is the Wildlife Quilt. This one also has applique.
 photo wildlife_1_20160619.png

 photo wildlife_3_20160619.png

I machine-stitched these appliques.
 photo wildlife_2_20160619.png

The back is the same material as the appliques. The entire thing is made of cuddly flannel.
 photo wildlife_4_20160619.png

This too will soon go on Etsy.

So here's my updated 2016 UFO log, with Matti's Fox 2 and Wildlife added:
 photo 2016_UFO_10.png

Technically Science is supposed to be the June project, but it'll have to wait a while yet. Hence the completion of Wildlife.

Meanwhile, I have completed 12 quilting projects in the first 6 months of the year, an average of 2 per month! Go me again! :D I have no idea if I can keep up that pace the rest of the year, though...
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