Laridian (laridian) wrote,

Brownie pancakes

Since I got up early and had plenty of energy, I decided to try an experiment this morning: Using brownie mix as a base for pancakes. I saw it on the internet. I have no other excuse.

The recipe called for a lot of milk - I cut back from the beginning and the first pancakes were still like crepes. (Also I added protein etc) I added more than a cup of flour to thicken and they never turned into those thick fluffy pancakes in the picture. I could blame the pan, but I suspect it is because it was just so much liquid.

Anyway, between thin batter and how our pan bows up in the middle, I ended up with... paramecium pancakes. I don't think those will catch on.

 photo browniepancake1_20160526.png

Kids ate them, I ate them, about 2 each, and we were stuffed afterwards. I quit after making half the batter, so many pancakes I know we won't eat them all. Recipe says "makes 18" but I don't know how they got there. Will throw out the rest of the batter and the kids can have the remaining chocolate pancakes for snacks or desserts.

Toly saw the plate of these and said "ew, gross, liver slices?" So, yeah, no more of this recipe! :P
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