Laridian (laridian) wrote,

Service Sims update!

The voting is over for the Service Sim Legacy! And the winner is... Voleur Bear with 4 of the 9 votes! Man, remember the days when you could get piles of votes?

Anyway, Voleur will carry on the 4th Generation of the Service Sim Legacy. She's getting packaged up and will be ready to go shortly.

Dagger Bear got 3 votes, and there was a last minute surprise vote for his twin sister Cloak to bring her to 2. Einbrecher and Murtovaras didn't get any votes, but they get a big round of applause for participating.

As of this writing, the next player is sammyfrog. Please let seidoo_ryuu know the best way to get the sim package to you.

Looking forward to the next one! Future participants/volunteers are welcome, if you want to take on a later generation. Just remember, the list of available service sims narrows as the generations goes on... :)
Tags: service sim legacy
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