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UFO challenge thinking

The May number was released this morning and it's #7 on the list. On my list that's the Fire Blossoms quilt, which I finished on April 3. So I'm open for May.

Therefore I'm going to count any finished item for May. I have... a lot of UFOs still. Some of them I generated just in April. >_>;

Science: needs borders added. I think I need backing fabric too.

Paradigm Shift: At this point it just needs assembly. Choice: do it myself or get it longarmed (which costs money but is much less time and hassle on my part, and it'll look nicer).

Green Hills of Earth: needs longarm

Emeralds: needs longarm

Whirlpool of Dreams: needs backing fabric and then longarm (do you notice a theme here?)

Matti's Fox: needs assembly. Can't longarm this because of the applique, and I have all the parts, so I could and should get this one done myself.

Swirling Dunes: I think I need backing fabric, but then I could quilt this one myself (it's the little wall hanging).

Coastal Birds: Still in kit form, would need to start from scratch, and I should really finish something else first, right?

Lucasarts: Still in planning stages, even more than Coastal Birds.

All this is assuming I don't get caught up in another project, but if I decide to start something, I should work on those last two since they're on my "want to do" list. I got an excellent deal on 108" fabric for Emeralds and Green Hills last night.

Science, Paradigm Shift, and Swirling Dunes are currently on the UFO list for later months, so I probably won't work on them until their number comes up. That leaves... Matti's Fox as the one I should work on next, since it's so close to done. Sometimes just "talking" this out shows the way!


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