Laridian (laridian) wrote,

Big Year update

Anahuac NWR part two. When we go birding, we take a lot of photos if we can't immediately identify something, and then look over the photos when we get home. Sparrows, for instance, are so crazy hard to identify when they're just briefly at the side of the road.

So when we went to Anahuac NWR two weeks ago, we took all those photos, and we identified 9 more species for the list! That brings us to 132 for the year so far. Last year's count was 160. We're closing in!

Fulvus whistling ducks
Mottled duck
Orchard Oriole
Song sparrow
Neotropic Cormorant
Eastern Willet
Sooty Tern
Black tern
Savannah sparrow

Master List for 2016 is here

Someday I should take the annual Big Year lists and compile them into a big Life List. It wouldn't be complete for me (all the birds from my childhood, etc) but it would be a start.
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