Laridian (laridian) wrote,


Wow, Pirates! runs like lightspeed on the new machine! Must be the new processor in conjunction with the spanking new video card...

Speaking of which, Toly says he thinks CoH is running better on my machine now too. I can't tell, myself. Although at least the "You appear to be running out of date drivers" message has stopped, yay!

Looking at posting a fic today, just not sure which one yet. All the documents seem to have ported over just fine, once I made sure they came over on one CD only. Going to leave the photos and music behind on the old machine in anticipation of linking everything together.

Speaking of photos, got some from my mom's camera from State Fair, so I'll be posting those sometime soon too (both here and website).

Feeling better this morning; going to try to avoid carbs for a while anyway. Stupid fair food. :/

Since Feb. 15 has passed, it is now corn-planting time! So I need to work up my list of stuff to buy from Home Depot since I have a "10% off your entire order no questions asked" coupon (which I got by complaining, properly, about them putting broken goods back on the shelf). I need soil, plus we need various things around the house, like lightbulbs, soffit (to replace the hurricane damage, yeah, we're late), mulch (looking at white rock), etc. The soil is probably going to run 8-10 bags; the mulch, more than we know what to do with, because it probably won't be enough. We're going with white rock because it looks nice, but also because it doesn't decay and doesn't attract termites.

Both kids are up now (K slept in about 40 min, because she got up during the night) so it's off to handle breakfast, start a load of laundry, get dressed, etc.
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