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If you like this sort of thing, this is the sort of thing you'll like

Today SilverLily was out all day with her friends, so I spent some time with AngryDandelion, including lunch out together. Since it was just he and I, he got to talk as much as he wanted, and told me all about the school library book (one of the Dune prequels) he hadn't been able to finish before turning it back in. He further said that he really enjoyed military science fiction.

He's in luck! There's a lot of that in our house! When we got back, I told this to Mom, who said: "I have every one of the Bolo series including an original edition of the first Keith Laumer book! I think he'll like those."

Me: "There's the 'There Will Be War' anthology too."

Toly: "And Hammer's Slammers and anything by David Drake!"

Dad: "What about the Honor Harrington series?"

The upshot is that AD now has a lot of reading material of varying levels of adultness.
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