Laridian (laridian) wrote,

can't wait for Christmas break

Still have to put in 3 days next week but then I'm off for 11!

Meanwhile: Working on Fire Blossom lap quilt for SilverLily (name may change but it's the first one that came to me). Cutting fabric now, would love to get started sewing this weekend, we will see.

Brains Legacy is in playing right now.

I visited the cross stitch specialty shop for the first time in... probably since 2012 when iceraptoress visited? I went because I wanted to buy some 8-ct material. Last time I ordered this was probably 10+ years ago online. I couldn't find any on Amazon, then remembered this shop today. I bought a 7ct piece in white and a 10ct piece in a pewter blue. Now when I do feel like stitching again, I'll be able to do it. I need the larger counts now so my eyes don't rebel against me, and if I make cross stitch ornaments next year, I'll definitely need bigger count (and small designs!).

I know that at this latitude we still get plenty of sunlight compared to far northern climes, but it's dark before 6:30 pm and by bedtime I feel I've been up far too long.
Tags: quilting, sleep, weather, xstitch
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