Laridian (laridian) wrote,

When Fallout 4 and Sims collide

I'm not sure this counts as a spoiler, since it's in the character creation process. In Fallout 4, there are several premade heads (male and female) to pick from, you can choose skintones and eye colors and hairstyles - if you've made a custom sim in CAS, you know how to make a character in FO4! There's even modifying the various face parts like jaw, chin, ears - dear gosh, why are there so many ear options? Seriously, there are so many options and they're all human ears, not cat or elf or bat or anything else. It's mystifying!

Anyway, while going through the prebuilt heads, Toly turned this one in profile and I realized it looks like Komei Tellerman from Sims 2.

 photo IMG_20151112_181327.png

It's the nose, for me. That same craggy Komei nose, and of course the red hair. It's Komei!
Tags: fallout 4, sims 2
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