Laridian (laridian) wrote,

More freaky weird dreams

But this time I'm not telling about them, 'cause I'm going to inflict them on a fic character instead. ;)

Dr. appt this afternoon. They asked me to show up 20 min early to do the paperwork and to not wear any fragrances, hairsprays, etc. - anything that might have a scent to it - apparently the doctor is sensitive to those things. So I'll try to grab a quick shower before the appointment, I guess. Also need to coordinate w/my mom so she can watch the kids. I also need to hit Mapquest or something, because I don't know where this place is.

Still have a sore throat (hurts to swallow, yawn or talk) and ear is still badly blocked up. Tried to do some CoH last night after fic writing, but the lag/server stability was terrible - rubberbanding like you wouldn't believe, combined with serious delays between keypress and something happening. Based on the broadcast channel chats, it was server-wide, so I just gave up after a while and went to play Sims 2 instead.

Would like to write some more today, if I'm not too tired from staying up.
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