Laridian (laridian) wrote,

Service Sim Legacy Index

Legacy rules are here.

PLEASE NOTE: Given Photobucket's issues, some or all the below installments may have lost photos.

Part Zero: Cleaning out the 'hood - a prequel of sorts. Getting rid of the Maxis sims in preparation for the Service Sim Legacy.

Part One: Garden Party (or, Not What It Looks Like). Let's get this legacy started! By laridian.
Part Two: With Ten You Get Eggroll By iceraptoress.
Part Three: Like a Thief in the Night By seidoo_ryuu.
Part Four: To Protect And Serve by sammyfrog.
Part Five: Going Natural by clericalrodent.

Outtakes and stuff from Part One
Tags: service sim legacy, sims 2

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