Laridian (laridian) wrote,

My ear popped!

At last, my ear is popped! I can hear again on that side! Huzzah!

Still coughing though. Will try to remember in the morning to eat plenty before taking meds, since that helped a lot today.

FINALLY going to see the new doctor next Tuesday, only 4 months after making the appt... sheesh...

Began thinking about writing again. Among other things, by the time we're ready to go find Bone (wherever he's hiding, and no fair telling if you think you know), who is going to go? An 8-person team or just a few or what? I mean, obviously Heat's going along. Lapis and Emerald Flames and Whirly, ditto. Don't know about Vixen, don't know what level she is right now. Or drew. (Since it's fic, we can have more than one alt of a player show up. I mean, it's kinda hard to run Bone and Heat simult, but I still have them interact in fics, eh?) It would be cool to have the super humongous Giant Battle, though. If I go that route, we'd need Micro and Oak and possibly Nightkill and maybe another healer along - actually, definitely another healer along, since EF would be kept pretty busy otherwise.

Speaking of fics: Now that I'm starting to look at these again, saintnicster, can you get your part back to me? Thanks. :)

Next up: Figuring out what the heck was planned for the Androsynth.

Interesting side note: My ear may have popped, but it's still ringing. At least with the upcoming doctor visit, I should have opportunity to ask about stuff like this.
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