Laridian (laridian) wrote,

Quarter Log Cabin quilt - finished

Finally got around to finishing this today after a 6-week hiatus. I had a big enough piece each of batting and backing material, so it was really just assembling and quilting it. It's a smallish lap quilt size.

 photo logcabins_finished_05122015_small.png

I went with just simple diagonal lines in one direction for the quilting. I didn't want to "cut" the duck's head with the diagonals, so that square is outlined. I used a yellow/gold thread for the quilting because heck, every color is in here already anyway, right?

It's rectangular, not trapezoidal, but I had a hard time getting the camera up high enough to get a picture of it :)

I feel good about finishing this, that's one thing off the dozen-long to-do quilting list :)
Tags: finished piece, quilt: log cabin
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