Laridian (laridian) wrote,

Crafting to-do update

Crafty things on my to-do list:

Ornaments for 2015 Christmas. Half-assedly started. Really not enthused about this kit but Mom paid for it and kinda expects it and I feel obligated. Have to do 6 and then I can call it quits until next year.

Fox Face quilts - one needs some proper edging. Then I need to buy batting. Then I probably need a newer sewing machine, which will be after July, so that's why I haven't worked on this lately.

Christmas tree wall hanging - not started. (What else can I say?)

Tropical Pennants at Night/Tropic Thunder/have no idea what to call it: need to do some edging on that one too. But I think I have the batting, and I know I have fabric for the backing; so I should probably try to assemble that next and finish it. I don't even have pictures of this one yet!

Pink & Purple Pinwheels - I have to finish sewing the backing, then put together with batting etc. Due date is November. Maybe I should work on this one next. 5/10 update: Backing is sewn.

Golden Galaxy: OR I could work on this one too since I finally have some more fabric. Decisions! But I could, at least, get this one moving along too.

State Blocks - not started.

Stonehenge Braid - not started.

That one with a billion mini blocks - not sure what I was thinking but I did cut up a bunch of scraps for it...

Northern Lights - which I realized is actually more ocean-themed so I need a new name for it. Fabrics are all cut! So that one could get started too, sewing them together etc.

This is all I can think of right now which is already way too many things to work on.
Tags: craft update, to-do lists
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