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Work lunch!

My former(?) dotted line boss treated me to Tango Malbec today for lunch. We had the Carpaccio de Lomo appetizer, which I really enjoyed, and the usual basket of bread with herbs & olive oil, and fried plantain chips. (DLB asked for "fried plantations" and I wasn't sure if she was trying to be funny, or if she genuinely didn't know how to pronounce "plantains". She paid so I wasn't going to say anything.)

She had the vegetarian milanesa and I had the milanesa Patágonica, which I got because one option of it is for ostrich. I'd never had the chance to eat ostrich before and now I can say I did. Had I known that milanesa is basically "chicken-fried", I might have thought twice, but it was okay. Ostrich is dark meat (big surprise!) and somewhat chewy but overall not bad. The potatoes were mashed potatoes. (The other option on this dish, wild boar? The wild boar probably comes from local hunting since feral hogs are basically open season in TX and some other states, and they're sold as wild boar.)

For dessert we shared an El Calentito, "Warm bread pudding topped w/ rum sauce & coffee ice cream". Delish.

Mom asked would I eat there again/get the same thing again. The appetizer and dessert were excellent. Ostrich was a novelty. If I ever eat there again, I'll try a different entree, though, mostly because I want to try new things.
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